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Who We Help

Aged Care Residents

Our doctors provide regular visitations to aged care facilities and are readily available and flexible with their time. All services are bulk billed. Communication with residents and their family members is of the utmost importance. We provide resident centred coordination, continuation and quality of care via a multidisciplinary approach. We offer regular family case conferences and are happy to answer any concerns.

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Aged Care Managers, Nurses & Carers

At Mobile Healthcare Clinic we understand and appreciate the amount of work that is involved in caring for residents and their families. By offering our services we aim to reduce the burden. Our doctors provide regular facility visitations whilst reducing hospital admissions and over reliance on after hour doctor services. 


Our Services Include:
  • Bulk Billed Consultations

  • Regular Visitations

  • Resident Admissions

  • Medication Charting, Prescribing & Reviews

  • Attendance of Case Conferences

  • Medical Reviews

  • Palliative Care

  • Care Plan Contribution

  • Comprehensive Medical Assesments

  • Reduce the number of unecessary hospitalisations & after hour service use

  • Wound Management

  • Simple procedures: Ear Syringing & Cryotherapy

  • Comprehensive Skin Checks

  • Participate in residential medication management reviews

  • Liaise with Family Members

  • Participate in MAC meetings

  • Assist with facility accreditation

  • Aged Care Facility Staff Education on request

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